XBOX Series S and XBOX One Series X Price and Release Date Announced

What you should know about the XBOX announcement

  • XBOX Series S new design revealed
  • XBOX Series S Specifications: All-Digital (without player), Ray Tracing, 512 GB SSD, 1440p 120 FPS, 4K upscaling for games
  • Announced the price of the XBOX Series X at $499 and the XBOX Series at $299
  • Both consoles will be released on November 10, 2020

Today it has been made official, through a leak on Twitter, the announcement of the design of the rumored Xbox Series S and later the official XBOX account on Twitter has officially confirmed the little sister of the Xbox One Series X. In the following tweet you can see the new design of the XBOX Series S, which does not have much to do with the designs and renders shown before the announcement.

The most striking thing about the new XBOX Series S is its small size, since it is thinner than the XBOX Series X and in fact it fits inside it as you can see in the video. As for the specifications of the XBOX Series S it will have 4 TFlops of graphic power, Ray Tracing, 512 GB SSD disk, 1440p resolution up to 120 FPS, 4K scaling and it won’t have Blu Ray player, so it will be without a doubt the entry point of XBOX to the new generation of consoles. Below you can see the trailer that has been leaked on Twitter, just an hour after the announcement of the XBOX Series S, with the new specifications:

On the other hand, XBOX has also revealed the price of the Xbox Series S which will be $299 and the price of the XBOX Series X which will be $499. Finally, it has also been announced that the launch date of both consoles will be November 10, in full campaign prior to Black Friday and Christmas.

As for the price, you have to score a bit in favor of XBOX since it maintains the prices of the previous generation, since both the XBOX One S and the XBOX One X cost € 299 and € 499 respectively at their launch. As a novelty, there will also be the possibility of financing the purchase of both consoles through certain distributors, with a fee of $25 per month for the XBOX Series S and a fee of $35 per month for the XBOX Series X.

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