Stadia 2.32 prepares the arrival of UPlay+, messaging and YouTube streaming

While we look forward to the middle of the month, with the objective set on the official launch of xCloud, we are appreciating news on Google Stadia that presages that all its sights are set on said launch, and it is that today we have knew that the new version of Google Stadia, 2.32 is preparing the imminent arrival of new functions to the platform to become the great bet of Netflix of video games:

  • UPlay+
  • Streaming in YouTube
  • Messaging with multiple buddies
  • Send invitations to friends from our Stadia’s account
  • New notifications about games and friends

Google and Stadia have several strengths in their favor, such as their own infrastructure and platform that allows you to use YouTube as a streaming platform or a monthly subscription to games somewhat cheaper than Game Pass Ultimate, although at the moment with fewer games.


UPlay+ in Stadia

At the moment, the concise Stadia catalog means that many people still do not opt ​​for the monthly PRO subscription of $10, but this seems to be about to change, since UPlay+ is about to land on Stadia and this, on a stage Ideally, it involves including a senior catalog of more than 100 games from Ubisoft to Stadia. Another question to take into account is at what price UPlay+ will be played within Stadia, since currently as an independent platform it costs $14.99 / month.

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