Stadia will arrive to LG, Sony and TCL TVs along mid-late 2021

The current version of Android TV 9, already present in some popular TV brands such as Sony, Philips, TCL, Xiaomi or Hisense, could gradually give way to Google TV throughout 2021, since these brands are announcing these days at CES 2021 that its new models for this year will come equipped with Android 10 and the new Google TV operating system that was launched last year together with the new Chromecast with Google TV.

stadia google tv

This means that TVs that come onto the market equipped with Google TV in mid or late 2021  will have the new native Stadia App for said system, since the current one is adapted to version 9 of Android TV. This would be a small step for Google to be present in as many devices as possible in order to make a niche in the “war of cloud gaming”, since this year its main rivals Amazon Luna and xCloud will continue to improve and expand their services. Be that as it may, Stadia with a year of life already has a long way to go compared to its competitors in terms of device deployment, since it can be played both on the Web from a Nintendo Switch or an Atari VCS as well as on iOS devices, Android, Chromecast, TV Boxes with Android TV and even Fire TV devices.

Other brands in the market that do not equip Android TV as an Operating System, such as LG, announced today that their new TV models for 2021 will have the Stadia App and Geforce Now by the end of 2021.

Will Stadia Gen 2 and Native App on Google TV launch at the same time?

With the launch last year of Chromecast with Google TV, it was announced that this device would have a native App for Android 10 during the first half of 2021, so it is possible that the launch of Stadia Gen2 will coincide with the launch of the App on Google TV. In fact, it makes a lot of sense since games that will be released in mid-2021 on Stadia, such as Chorus will have Raytracing, so this improvement may be accompanied by a new App for Stadia Gen 2.

Therefore, possibly in the middle of the year we could be playing Cyberpunk 2077 with Raytracing on Stadia.

stadia cyberpunk 2077 raytracing

Could Xiaomi, HiSense and Philips be next?

We will have to wait to see if CES 2021, which is held from today until January 14, will leave us any more announcements related to Stadia or Google TV. What can be expected is that other brands, such as Xiaomi, HiSense or Philips, end up updating their current models or next models to the new version of Google TV. It is also expected that Nvidia or Xiaomi will update their TV Boxes, both the Shield TV and the Mi Box to Google TV, since these brands are prolific in terms of releasing updates to their tv shield tv

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