Stadia Good Stuff (Day 3): Immortals Fenyx Rising Demo, Young Souls and Phoenix Point

Third and last day of the Google Stadia ‘Good Stuff’ event in which the surprise has not finally jumped and there has been no confirmation from UPlay + or FIFA 21 . Only, in the vein of the previous two days, they have announced two new gamesYoung Souls and Phoenix Point .

These are the news that Google Stadia has released on the last day of the event:

Inmortals Fenyx Rising Demo

Inmortals Fenyx Rising Demo: Ubisoft’s new open world game about Greek mythology will beavailable for 7 days, that is, until October 29The game can now be pre-ordered on the Stadia Store for € 69.99 and will launch on December 3, 2020.

Below you can see a Gameplay with the first 20 minutes of the DEMO of Immortals Fenyx Rising :

YouTube video

Young Souls

Young Souls: an indie game, with spectacular visual art, that is about boys who don’t fit in, but in which sometimes there is someone who trusts and believes in these boys.

YouTube video

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is a turn-based resource management game in which the player must recover the Earth from an alien threat . It will arrive on Stadia in the first quarter of 2021.

YouTube video

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