Stadia gets 1.06 hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077, State Share, new games coming and more

After the Christmas break and a low start to the year in terms of news, it seems that Stadia returns to the load and brings us many news for this week. In addition, the popularity of the platform seems to be increasing, thanks to the repercussion of the Forbes report that the true “Next-Gen” console is neither the PS5 nor the Xbox Series X | S, but Google Stadia.

We also remind you that at CES 2021 Stadia has made the news since LG has announced that in the middle to the end of the year it will incorporate Stadia in its new models for 2021. Other brands, such as Sony or TCL, have also announced that they will set up  Google TV in 2021, and therefore, they will have the native Stadia App that is scheduled to be launched in the middle of this year on Google TV.

Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.06

Stadia has received today the latest official patch, hotfix 1.06 Cyberpunk 2077. This patch, released on December 22 for PCs and consoles, fixes the following bugs in Stadia:

stadia cyberpunk 2077 1.06 changes

State Share debuts with Hitman 3

Stadia has also announced through its official blog that the launch of Hitman 3 (January 20) will be accompanied by the new “State Share” functionality that will allow sharing access to certain moments of the game, such as the start of a mission or campaign , without having completed previous stages of the game.

stadia hitman 3 state share

In short, “State Share” will be a kind of direct access to a certain point in the game and will include the current state of the inventory (weapons and objects), difficulty and objectives.

These states can be shared through links with other players through image or video captures made on Stadia that include a specific “State Share” icon, as you can see in the following explanatory image:

stadia share state

Stadia App 2.52

The people at APK Insight have decompiled the new version of the Stadia App 2.52 and have detected in its source code the possible improvements that will come to Stadia in the future:

  • Couch multiplayer: possibility to join multiplayer games using a code and the url .
  • Redesign of the “Explore” tab of the Stadia mobile app.
  • Project Hailstorm: reference to a mysterious new feature in Stadia for which there are no clues other than its name.

New Releases and Free Play Days

Next week the PRO Stadia subscribers can play for free to Ghost Recon Breakpoint from 21 to 24 January as part of the campaign Free Play Days of Stadia.

stadia ghost recon breakpoint free weekend

On the other hand, the release date of two new games previously announced for Stadia has been announced:

  • TOHU is coming to Stadia on January 28.
  • Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 will be released on Stadia on March 2, 2021.
YouTube video

Riders Republic is delayed

To this we must add that the launch of Riders Republic, scheduled for February 28, will be delayed without a new release date planned by Ubisoft, which has communicated that we will probably know more about the game by the end of 2021.

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