10 free PC games in Steam, Epic Games, Stadia and Twitch Prime this week

This week comes loaded with free games in the main PC game stores, up to a total of 7. In addition, we have added to the list the 3 free Google Stadia demos that have been announced during the Good Stuff event that took place this week. Here are the games that will be free this weekend on Steam and GOG and throughout the week on Stadia,  Epic Games and Prime Gaming .

Google Stadia

Here are the 3 games available totally free on Google Stadia this week:

Inmortals Fenyx Rising Demo

Inmortals Fenyx Rising Demo is the new game open world  of Ubisoft on  Greek mythology comes loaded with a touch of irony. If you want to try it, it  will be  available on Stadia  until October 29 . The game can now  be pre-ordered on the Stadia Store for € 69.99  and will launch on  December 3, 2020 .

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Pac-man Mega Tunnel Royale Demo

PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle and DEMO will be available exclusively in Google Stadia has sta next October 27. The new Pac-man Battle Royale is renewed with 64-player games and the possibility of moving to the screens of our rivals through tunnels, where the objective will be to be the last Pacman standing.

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Humankind Beta

Humankind is a turn-based game where we can build our own civilization and society starting from the beginning of humanity. The BETA  will be  available for 7 days , that is,  until October 28. The game can now  be pre-ordered on the Stadia Store for € 50.99  and will launch in  April 2021.

Epic Games

Until next October 29 we can get these two titles in the Epic Store totally free and keep them forever. The next free games to come to Epic Games will be Blair Witch and Ghostbusters.

Costume Quest

Costume Quest is a turn-based adventure game where you explore spooky landscapes, dress up lovely new costumes that become Halloween warriors, and collect creepy deal cards to battle hygiene-obsessed villains.

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Layers of Fears 2

Layers of Fears 2 is a first-person psychological horror game focused on exploration and plot. Players will play a Hollywood actor who comes to the call of an enigmatic director to star in a movie aboard an ocean liner.

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F1 2020

F1 2020 the official F1 game of the 2020 season will be available for free on Steam for 2 days, that is, all weekendTwo of the most outstanding updates of the new F1 2020 are the possibility of creating our own team from scratch and the split screen in 2-player local multiplayer.

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Fallout 76

Fallout 76 will also be available free for a limited time for 2 days on Steam to play over the weekend. Fallout 76 is the online prequel to Fallout where players must work together to survive in the Wasteland, twenty-five years after the bombs fell.

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Prime Gaming

The Occupation

The Occupation is an investigation game that takes place in England in 1987 where we play a journalist who must investigate questionable people and sneak into restricted areas.

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Stick it to the man

Stick it to the man! is an action and adventure game where Ray, a helmet tester, suffers an accident that allows him to change the world through stickers using a pink spaghetti that has appeared on his head after the incident.

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Europa Universalis II

Europa Universalis II is a historical strategy game where the player must direct the destiny of a country during the Modern Age, specifically, between the years 1419 and 1820.

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