New Iberia DLC will release in April

SCS Software announced last December the delay of one of the most anticipated DLCs for Euro Truck Simulator 2Iberia DLC. In this announcement, the new launch window was set in the first quarter of 2021, with no fixed launch date. This delay was motivated, in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, by the new update 1.40 that brings with it a new lighting system, as well as a new road for the DLC Vive le France!, located in the south of France and that will link the border of said country with the Iberian Peninsula.

Launch date in April

Yesterday, on the official page of the Iberia DLC of ETS2 on the Steam platform, the launch date of the same has been updated and it is set for the month of April 2021, without determining the specific day, as stated you can see in the following image:

iberia dlc release date

Signals in Iberia DLC

SCS has also shown us on its official blog a new entry showing more aspects of the Iberia DLC. This time, it was the turn of the road signs in Spain and Portugal and the different languages ​​in which they are printed, such as French or English, in addition to the official languages ​​of Spain and Portugal.

The images that accompany the article leave no doubt that SCS has done a great job reflecting even the smallest detail of the road system in Spain and Portugal. For example, we can see welcome arches, information about tunnels, viaducts, service areas, road exits, dangerous curve light signals and a long etcetera. A level of detail such that it leaves no doubt that this will be the largest and most valued DLC by the immense ETS2 community.

iberia signs

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