Grounded’s first update now available

Obsidian Entertainment has just released the first monthly update for Grounded, now available on both XBOX and PC. This update incorporates possible improvements to our character, more options to decorate our base, a new piece of armor, new types of missions from BURG.L and a new visitor in our backyard.

As for the character improvements, we can find them by exploring the garden and they will provide small mutations that will allow to cut the grass faster, increase health or improve defenses. Up to 3 upgrades can be equipped at the same time and new upgrades will be introduced in subsequent updates of the game.

grounded pajaro

For the construction of our base, the possibility of adding fences, tables and a new way of resting has been added, since now it will be possible to make a bed with feathers that we will find in the back garden. And where do those feathers come from? From the new garden visitor, the bird! which will become the largest animal in the place.

For more information, you can check the XBOX news page or watch the videos on Obsidian’s Grounded Developer Vlog channel on YouTube:

YouTube video

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