Iberia DLC first gameplay, new lighting and new “Super Stripes” DLC

There is less left for the launch of the long-awaited DLC that will add the roads of Spain and Portugal to the ETS2 mapSCS has shown us, in this last month, the progress in the development of the DLC, which in summary are the following:

ets2 portugal

ETS2 Iberia DLC Gameplay

SCS Software has published, on its official YouTube channel, the first gameplay  for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and its new Iberia DLC expansion, where they offer us a short journey from the port of Algeciras to the city of Malaga. This area of ​​Spain is also known by the name of “Sun coast”, surely that is why SCS Software has chosen it to show how the advances in its new lighting system look like that will be included in the next update (ETS2 1.40) and that brings a great improvement to the simulator making it much more realistic, since the improvement is considerable and appreciable.

In addition, in the 17-minute gameplay, you can also see the effort that SCS is putting into the development of this DLC, since in the city of Malaga they have included the airport and the level of detail of the city is quite real, according to the comments of the inhabitants of Malaga on YouTube. On the other hand, there are also small flaws in which SCS must repair and improve, such as that the speed limit in Spain for motorways is 90Km/h and not 80Km/h as reflected in the video.

YouTube video

Super Stripes Paint Jobs DLC

SCS has also published, on its official page in the Steam store, a new DLC with 6 new paintings with designs to apply to any of the trucks available in ETS2The DLC is priced at 1,99 € and you can buy it by clicking on the following link.

ets2 super stripes

Unknowns of ETS2 Ibera DLC

There are still certain questions and details that remain to be revealed, by SCS, with a view to the launch of this new DLC:

  • Price: the starting price of ETS2 DLC is usually 19,99 €, and we expect Iberia to cost the same, since it is a fairly consistent price for a DLC. On the other hand, due to the enormous amount of work involved in the development of Iberia DLC, it would not be surprising if the price rise to 22,99 €, with a possible Vive la France! DLC pack included.
  • Release date: although SCS communicated last December that the DLC would be released during the first quarter of 2021, the most common is that the launch occurs in the last months of that range, that is, March or April .
  • DLC Vive la France! will it be included for free with the Iberia DLC? Due to the dependency on the update of the DLC Vive la France! To unite Spain with France it would not be surprising if SCS included for free, what was the first DLC of ETS2, along with the DLC of Iberia. If so, it would be necessary to see if the price is affected.
  • Official map: thanks to the news that SCS publishes on its blog, we already know a large part of the cities that will be in the Iberia DLC, but there is still an SCS to reveal the official map of Spain and Portugal. One of the rumored maps, and which is quite consistent with the news published on the SCS blog, could be the following:

ets2 iberia map

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