How to install and test ETS2 1.40 Beta

SCS Software announced on February 3 the public Beta 1.40 of Euro Truck Simualtor 2. Something that we miss when reading said announcement, is a small guide on how to install and test this version, something that the most experienced in ETS2 will know well, but perhaps the most sporadic players are unaware. Here we explain, in two simple stepshow to install the ETS2 Beta 1.40:

(1) On Steam, we locate our ETS2 games library and right-click on the game and go to the Properties option in the drop-down menu.

(2) In the window that opens below (see image below) we select the BETAS option in the left panel. Then, in the drop-down list we select the option public_beta – Public Beta 1.40  and we will leave the field “beta access code” blank.

Once this is done, the Beta download will start automatically and we can see the progress in the Steam Downloads section. When the download is complete, you will be ready to start ETS2 with the Beta 1.40 version.

ets2 1.40 public beta

ETS2 1.40 improvements

The news presented by version 1.40 of ETS2 are the following:

  • Road redesign in Germany: The Germany map is the oldest in the game and has not been updated until now. In v1.40, the roads, highways and intersections of several German cities (Dortmund, Köln, Dusseldorf, and Duisburg) have been redesigned.
  • Two new cities are added in the Vive le France! DLC: Bayonne  and  Lacq that will allow to connect the border of France and Spain in the next Iberia DLC.

ets2 bayonne lacq

  • New, more realistic HDR lighting system that adapts the light to the hours of the day and changes in weather conditionsIn this regard, SCS published on YouTube, a few weeks ago, a gameplay of the Iberia DLC showing the lighting improvements of version 1.40 on the “Sun coast” on a route from Algeciras to Malaga.
YouTube video
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