Play Cyberpunk 2077 with low specs (2GB GPUs, old CPUs and Non-SSD disk)

If you have a PC with limited resources that has a low-end graphics cardold CPU and/or mechanical hard drives and you want to play Cyberpunk 2077, then we will tell you what settings to modify to achieve a stable 30fps or more with your configuration.

The truth is that CD Projekt has included in the graphic configuration options the rescaling option that allows to lower the resolution below 720p and therefore obtain a higher performance in low-end graphics or integrated graphics (APUs) in the microprocessor such as the Vega from AMD Ryzen processors. Also this option can benefit the graphics cards low range on the market and that have only 2GB of VRAM as the NVIDIA 1030 GT, theNVIDIA GT 730 or AMD RX550 and below.

Disable VSync

The vertical sync consumes resources on your graphics card, so if we want to achieve a minimum rate of 30fps frame we turn off the menu Settings> Video> VSync> Off.

cyberpunk 2077 vsync off

Scale resolution

In the Cyberpunk 2077 graphics configuration menu there is a section called Resolution Scaling, in which we will find two options that are giving very good results on more modest graphics cards to achieve frame rates higher than 30 fps:

  • Dynamic FidelityFX CAS: allows us to select a target framerate, for example, 45 fps and then select a minimum and maximum resolution scaling range between which the game will move to achieve the framerate we have chosen.
  • Static FidelityFX CAS: with this option we can only set the resolution scaling with a fixed value, for example, 75%.

At the end of the article you can see that with a 4GB Yeston Radeon RX550 card  in which the rescaling has been configured, it is possible to achieve rates of 45 or 50 frames.

cyberpunk 2077 dynamic resolution

Crowd Density

In the menu Gameplay is the option of Crowd Density that by changing its value to Low will show less multitutes of characters on screen which will allow to get a better graphics performance.

cyberpunk 2077 densidad muchedumbre

Slow HDD mode

Also on the menu Gameplay find another interesting option, Slow HDD Mode for those who have installed Cyberpunk 2077 on a mechanical hard drive of old, rather than an SSDCD Projekt recommends installing Cyberpunk 2077 on an SSD because Assets are constantly being loaded and with an SSD this task is much faster than with a hard HDD.

cyberpunk 2077 hdd lentos

Final result

After applying all the previous steps, and testing with a Yeston AMD RX550 4GB graphics card (which in 720p resolution does not rise above 35fps) with a dynamic resolution between 75 (540p) and 85 (600p) with a 45fps objective, we have obtained a framerate between 43 and 53 fps as you can see in the animation below.


Cyberpunk resolution scaling

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